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2022 Shootout Trophy Stays With CCTHC For A 2nd Year
Arnie Epstein, Don Taylor, Bob Thomas, David Quarles
Outgoing President Mike Wilson
Incoming President Sandro Secino
                           No Longer Rookies:
Doug Gilbertson, Clint McElvany, Patty Stanford, Scott Kaczka, Dee Kaczka, Carol Spell, Jesse Buechel, Jennifer Buechel, Jim Butera, Robin Ankenbruck, Alex Fajet, Elana Heller
Rookie of the Year: Jim Butera
Happy Wallis Award: Jennifer Beuchel
Steve Smith Award: Ben Harvey
Ladies Top Angler: Judy Barry
Presented by DQ and Kyra Quarles
Top Angler: Bob Thomas
Presented by Ralph Yost
Top 3 Ladies: Judy, Gayle Beam and Carol Spell
Sportsman of the Year: Mike Wilson
        Presented by Jerry Geyer
       Top 10 Who Will Fish In the 2023 Shootout:
Bob T, David Beam, Jerry G, Judy B, Oscar Mohn, DQ, Tom Heller, Presenter Rick Ziegler, Gayle B, Frank Radochonski, Carol S
Special Recognition to Jerry and Ken Holzhauer For Saving a Fisherman's Life One Dark Night: Presented by Arnie E and Mike W
Slide Show by Sandy Adams
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