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The Cape Coral Tarpon Hunters Club prides itself on working with anglers interested in experiencing the thrill of catching the Silver King.  Most club members are more than happy to share their knowledge and experience with new or less experienced anglers. The club has two programs designed to support novice tarpon fishermen and women to improve their chances of safely catching and releasing tarpon.  These programs are the club Mentorship program and the Annual Rookie Hunt.

The Mentorship program pairs members who have not yet caught and released a tarpon (rookies) with experienced tarpon anglers.  The rookie may fill out a sign-up sheet at the monthly meeting to be paired with an experienced member. An experienced angler will then meet with the rookie to discuss tarpon angling strategies and demonstrate tried and true techniques.  The experienced angler may, in their sole discretion, arrange to take the rookie tarpon fishing. The experienced angler typically bases this decision on participation of the novice member in monthly meetings, club activities and the relationship formed between the anglers.

2023-2024 Rookie Coordinator: Dave Koschara, 231 357 3679

Check out the club calendar for the ROOKIE HUNT date.  Rookies may participate in the Rookie Hunt without the aid of an experienced member.  However, the Rookie Hunt provides an opportunity for a rookie to fish with an experienced club member.  Rookies are encouraged to establish a relationship with experienced club members through the mentorship program, monthly meetings and club activities.  Based on this relationship, the experienced angler may invite the rookie to fish with them in the Rookie Hunt.

Neither the Rookie Hunt nor the Mentorship program is meant to be a free charter service.  Both programs require active club participation by the inexperienced club member, and both require the new member to form a relationship with the experienced angler.

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