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Photos by Sandy Adams

Ft. Myers Beach club presidents presenting the Shootout trophy to our 2020 Top Ten who fished the 2021 Shootout and won 7 to 1. We (with the green medallions) jumped 22 tarpon that day and released 7. L to R: Bob T., David B., Ralph Y., Frank Radochonski, DQ, Steve Johnson, David K., Don Taylor, Ken H., Vince Parkinson, Jerry G., Marvin Patterson.

Top Ten (less Rob Steffan and plus trophy sponsor Jim Griffiths and emcee John Mester): L to R: Ralph Yost, Tom Heller, David Beam, Ken Holzhauer, Top Angler Arnie Epstein, Bob Thomas, David Quarles, David Koschara, Jim G, John M., Jerry Geyer.

Top Angler Arnie Epstein with Jerry G. presenting.

Top Ladies Angler, Gayle Beam, with Al Grabow and DQ presenting.

Ladies Top Three: Kyra Quarles, Hilda Holzhauer, DQ presenting, Gayle B.

Captain of the Year, Ralph Yost, with David B. and Jerry G.

He was also, Sportsman of the Year, Ralph Yost.

Past and current Sportsmen of the Year: L to R: David B,. Bob T., Al Grabow, Roy Bennett, Ralph Y., Rick Ziegler, Jerry G., Pat Geist, Arnie E., Ken H., Vince P.

Youngest Lady Tarpon Hunter Releasing A Fish In 2021: Amber Katers with Jerry G.

No longer Rookies: L to R: Ben Harvey, Wyatt Nelson (Jerry G.), ???, Amber Katers, ???, Paul Michelsen, Mark Kane.

5 and 10 fish level certificates went to: L to R: presenter Bob T., Frank R., DQ, Gayle B., Tom H., Mike Wilson.

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