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Happy Wallis Award winner Catherine Epstein

Presenter Bob Thomas

Steve Smith Award winner Nate Draulins

2018 Club President Rick Ziegler

CCTHC Fleet Captain Jerry Geyer

relinquishes  the Shootout Trophy to Beach Club pirate Kevin Vertesch

Rick Ziegler with ex-Rookies

Bob Angermeier

Dimitri Draulans

Nate Draulins 

Mike Moran

Jerry Geyer presents the first ever

"Jerry Geyer Captain of the Year" Award to Arnie Epstein as Rick Ziegler looks on

Gladys Callahan First Place Ladies

Rick Ziegler Club President

Catherine  Epstein Third Place

Joann Mohn Presenter

Hilda Holzhauer Second Place

Rookie of the Year Bob Angermeier

Rick Ziegler 

Marvin Patterson Presenter

Club President Rick Ziegler presents 

the Top Angler Award to

Ralph Yost as Trophy Sponsor

Jim Griffiths of Nautical MIle

looks on


Standing l-r

John Mester

Al Grabow

Bob Thomas

Ken Holzhauer

Jerry Geyer

Arnie Epstein

President Rick Ziegler

Top Angler Ralph Yost

Trophy Sponsor Jim Griffiths of Nautical Mile


Nate Draulins

Mike Moran

Steve Buss

It's a tie!!

Sportsman of the Year Rick Ziegler

Bob Thomas Presenter

Sportsman of the Year Arnie Epstein

Jerry Geyer Presenter

Captain Bob Locker 

Master Tarpon Angler Program

5 Fish Level

Jeff Bachman

Nate Draulins

10 Fish Level

Matt Mercer  with

Presenter Rick Ziegler

Al Grabow

100 Fish Level

Master Tarpon Angler Arnie Epstein

President Rick Ziegler

Make one mistake and you win a Bonehead Award

Jim and Robin Griffiths

The stack of Nautical Mile Mystery Prizes

One of the four identical metal sculpture mystery prizes is revealed

how to improve your chances

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