2011 Anniversary History

The Cape Coral Tarpon Hunters Club History

40th Year Anniversary 2011


The Cape Coral Tarpon Hunters Club began in 1971, the same year that Cape Coral was incorporated. Prior to 1970, the Cape's members were part of the Fort Myers Beach Tarpon Club. The "new" club in Cape Coral continues today with over a hundred members, some of whom have caught over six hundred Tarpon in their "career". Total Club catches and releases at the end of the 2011 season stood at 7,481 which averages almost 200 fish per year throughout our forty years.  Some recent seasons have seen releases of approximately 500 fish. The club also participates in tagging research programs and has tagged over 2000 fish, with some interesting recapture results.


In 1988 the club became a total "catch and release" club in order to enhance the survival rate of Megalops atlanticus (Tarpon). Steps for additional protection were taken a few years later with rules requiring the use of circle hooks which are much less likely to jeopardize the Tarpon.