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Held January 27, 2024

Photos by Sandy Adams

Tarpon banquet 2023-4-22.jpg
Tarpon banquet 2023-4-18.jpg

David Quarles awarding Jennifer Buechel her 3rd place award for the Women’s division

Sandro Secino awarding Denis Burke winner of the Fly fishing division, and his Rookie fish award!

Tarpon banquet 2023-4.jpg
Tarpon banquet 2023-4-29.jpg

Jerry Geyer awarding Sandro Sportsman of the Year award!

L to R: Lindsay Kowalski, David Q, Chad K, Barbara and Dan Weber, Jim and Jill Butera, Jennifer and Jesse Buechel, George Mathieus and Jeanne Holmgren, Kyra Q.

Tarpon banquet 2023-4-12.jpg

Kim Secino and Sandy Adams being recognized for their service to the club by Sandro

Arnie Epstein caught the 1st fish and Gayle Beam caught the last

Tarpon banquet 2023-4-19.jpg
Tarpon banquet 2023-4-20.jpg

Carol Spell won 1st Place in the Women’s division and came in 9th in the overall Top Ten!

Gayle came in 2nd Place in the Women’s division and came in 10th in the overall Top Ten!

Tarpon banquet 2023-4-17.jpg

L to R: Bill Pelosi, Joy and Rick Ziegler, Oscar Mohn, Greg and Judy Oconnell, Brenda Bangrezi

Tarpon banquet 2023-4-31.jpg

Kyra of the Quarles Team (Sponsor) of Royal Shell Real Estate presenting the awards for the Top 3 of the Women’s Division.

Tarpon banquet 2023-4-8.jpg
Tarpon banquet 2023-4-21.jpg

L to R: Kim Michelsen, Tony and Jennifer Krogulski, Connie and Don Vittitow, David Miller, Gretchen Drury, Bruce Chaput, Paul Michelsen, Fran Chaput

5 & 10 Fish Awards: Preston Schreiber (Gayle), Richard Masef, Carol, Jeff Serzan, Jon Wyckoff.  

David and Kyra of the Quarles Team (Sponsor) of Royal Shell Real Estate presenting the awards for the Top 3 of the Women’s Division.

Tarpon banquet 2023-4-28.jpg

David Schuman (sponsor) of Schuman Allstate Insurance and Bob Thomas presenting Arnie Epstein Angler of the Year award!

Tarpon banquet 2023-4-24.jpg

2023 Officers and Directors, L to R: David Beam, Tom Heller, Jim Butera, Gayle Beam, David Secino, Jeff Serzan, Sandro Secino, Bob Angermeier, Frank Radochonski, Richard Masef, Jerry Geyer, DQ

Tarpon banquet 2023-4-26.jpg

Jerry admonishing us all about not getting any Juniors a tarpon in 2023

Tarpon banquet 2023-4-27.jpg
Tarpon banquet 2023-4-11.jpg

Jerry Geyer awarding Sandro Sportsman of the Year award!

Tarpon banquet 2023-4-23.jpg

Top 10 Less Arnie (as #1) L to R: Tom, David B, Bob, Ralph Yost, Carol, Frank, DQ, Gayle, Richard

Ex-Rookies L to R: Tony Krogulski, ????, ????, Jeff Pavone, Rookie Coordinator: Dave Koschara, David Miller, Dan Weber, ????, Sue Wyckoff (for Angela MacLachian), Jon Wyckoff (for Ben Wyckoff), Denis Burke

Tarpon banquet 2023-4-13.jpg
Tarpon banquet 2023-4-7.jpg

L to R: Tony and Brigitte Budraitis, Jim Griffiths (Nautical Mile Magazine), Dave Schuman,  ????, ????, ????, ????

Jerry and Sandro presenting Captain of the Year award to Dave Koschara!

Tarpon banquet 2023-4-15.jpg
Tarpon banquet 2023-4-5.jpg

L to R: David and Gayle Beam, Nancy and Jeff Serzan, Carol and Kurt Spell, Frank and Ellen Radochonski, Elana and Tom Heller

L to R: Sandy and Bill Adams, Brian Katers, David Holzhauer, John and Florence Mester, Ann and Denis Burke, Susan and Jerry Geyer

Tarpon banquet 2023-4-9.jpg
Tarpon banquet 2023-4-14.jpg

Jeff, Jerry and Sandro presenting Captain of the Year award to Dave Koschara!

Tarpon banquet 2023-4-16.jpg

Captain of the Year 3rd and 2nd Place: Ralph and DQ

L to R: Matt Mitchell, Mary Laser, Kim Owens, Don Taylor (President Ft Myers Beach Tarpon Club), John D’Esposito, Jeff and Deb Pavone, Mike and Lorraine McInerny

Tarpon banquet 2023-4-10.jpg
Tarpon banquet 2023-4-3.jpg

L to R: Doug and Eldean Madden, Karen Kubb, Robin Ankenbruck, Bob Angermeier, Don Badzinski, Jim Collier, Melvin Williams, Rick Kubb

L to R: Tina and Craig Estes, Richard and Christina Masef, Denise and Scott Kaczka, Dave and Dawn Koschara, Jon and Sue Wyckoff

Tarpon banquet 2023-4-4.jpg
Tarpon banquet 2023-4-2.jpg

L to R: Jacquie and Jeff Bachman, Lynn and Matt Mercer, Bob Thomas, Steve and Dianne Buss,  Kathy Thomas, Arnie and Catherine Epstein, Celeste and Ralph Yost

L to R: Karen and Bob Kleinkopf, Gladys and Ron Callahan, Russ and Joan Miller, AJ and Janelle Garcia, Jeff and Jody Sanders

Tarpon banquet 2023-4-6.jpg



Action Welding

Adam Welch-The Metal Edge

Archer Claim

Barnhill Seafood Market

Beef O’Brady 

Best Rate Custom Rods

Big 8 BBQ 

Broadway Palms Dinner Theater

Captain David Holzhauer Fishing Charters

Captain Rob’s 

Chill Will DJ’S 

Deep Lagoon Restaurant

Fix Marine

Henderson and Franklin Attorney at Law

Key West Express 

KJ’s Steakhouse 

Lehr’s Economy Tackle

Leslies’s Pools-Annette Weiss

Marine Trading Post

Quarles Team of Royal Shell Real Estate

Moretti’s Restaurant

Prawn Broker

Sandy Adams Photography 

Schuman Allstate Insurance

Prime 239 Steakhouse

Tarpon Lodge 

Two Meatballs in a Kitchen 

University Grill

Zak’s Jewelry 


Bob Angermeier 

Robin Ankenbruck

Jeff & Jacquie Bachman

Gayle & Dave Beam

Jim Collier

Arnie & Catherine Epstein 

Warren Frye 

Pat Geist

Jerry & Susan Geyer 

Tom & Elena Heller

Doug & Eldean Madden

Richard & Christina Masef 

Bill Pelosi 

Frank & Ellen Radochonski 

Kimberly Secino 

Nancy & Jeff Serzan

Robert Thomas 

Rick Wheeler 

Melvin Williams

Mike Wilson 











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